Singapore Based Slope Protection- Wall Tag

Fibrotag coir log is made from natural coir fibre and covered exterior with coir mesh or nettings. Fibrotag coir log aids in stream band and shoreline stabilization, re-vegetation of sites where there are slopes and it is also used for shoreline that are exposed to strong waves or currents which cause instability on a site. The coconut fibre in the logs provides effective establishment of aquatic vegetation, and over time they will blend naturally to the aquatic environment. Plants can be planted in logs and these are used along shoreline for creating a pleasing natural shoreline protection. Fibrotag coir log is easy to install and they are ideal for lakes where water levels and wave actions fluctuate.

Wall Tag supplies Slope protection material in Singapore

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  • Shaping and Water Diversion in Channels or River Banks
  • Sediment Filtration
  • Silt Pond Construction
  • Spill Containment
  • Flood Control
  • Coastal Erosion Control
  • Slope Erosion Control
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